Fiat Multipla (1998-2010): Does it really deserve the hate it gets?


The Fiat Multipla was one of a kind. When launched in 1998, it turned heads, not because it was beautiful, jaw dropping or path breaking. It turned heads away because it was unpleasant to look at. Well, to be fair, it was different and distinct. For its ‘different looks’ it did not receive any PRIZE in beauty contests or ‘car of the year’ award in the design department. At that pointing time, Fiat tried to think out of the box and it was successful at thinking that way, only to see the final execution be a sore letdown.
No one would call the design beautiful, except for certain Fiat fanboys and fangirls. Fiat’s fan base is increasing at a decent rate with the Fiat 500 line up. The Abarth 500 is one hot hatch I cherish, for its light weight and punchy engine. The same company that makes the Fiat 500, made the Multipla at one point of time ……….. Oh how disappointing.
Design and aesthetics are important aspects of cars. It can make or break a deal.
If we come to other important aspects such as practicality and space, the Multipla is near perfect. It has space in abundance, not only for accommodation of passengers but also for boot space. Buyers loved the Multipla because they were more practical than an equivalent Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.
After all, it was marketed as an MPV.
Performance was dreary and dull for the 1.6 and 1.9 litre engines were underpowered. It rolled a lot, which is an understatement. The Multipla was never designed for lap times or drag races in the first place, to be honest. The interior design was quite awkward, ugly and radical at the same time. Interior quality and fit and finish was not as good as class leaders, but it was acceptable.
So conclusion time …….
Ranked 2nd ugliest car in the world by Telegraph, featuring in the list of the Top 50 ugliest cars of all time by TIME, the reputation of the Multipla is dented forever. It did shine in certain areas, but it isn’t enough to redeem itself.image.jpeg.

4 thoughts on “Fiat Multipla (1998-2010): Does it really deserve the hate it gets?

  1. It’s surprising how the blog conveys an honest opinion with literal simplicity and minimalism. I really loved the way you have mentioned most flaws and maybe a plus point or two. The blog is in fact very well written. Yes. It is a job well done. Great going, Shawnie! Eagerly waiting for more of such blogs! Keep posting!

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