Remembering a true icon-Ayrton Senna

Picture 2-Senna in Mclaren

Picture 3- Senna in Toleman

Picture 4-Senna in Renault

Picture 5-The man himself
FORMULA 1 has seen some great and fantastic moments and some truly tragic and fatal. One of the saddest and mournful moments that the F1 world has ever witnessed was the irreparable loss of Ayrton Senna. A legend who left us all too early. Pure F1 fans still yearn for the presence of the Brazilian magician.
It all started in the year 1984 with the Toleman F1 team. He was also regarded as a child prodigy who showcased his brilliance from the days of go-carting. Inspite of racing with an inferior team, he was lauded for his immense talent and potential in the extremely wet 1984 Monaco Grand Prix. The track was drenched with downpour to such an extent that the race was closed mid-way. He qualified thirteenth and finished second, few seconds off Alain Prost. This was only an early indication of incredible prowess in wet conditions. His racing line was more precise than the racing line F1 LEGENDS WOULD CONSIDER FAST.
Another talking point was his loyalty and trust with the Mclaren-Honda F1 team, lasting from 1988 to 1993. He won three world championships with them. Simultaneously, his bitter rivalry with Prost intensified, both lashing out at each other’s faults and decisions. He had remarkable success with cars that were turbo-powered and had active suspension systems.
His astonishing win at Donington Race Circuit in 1993 is considered as one of his greatest wins in his stellar F1 career. An icon in his own right. Switching to Renault in 1994 brought about unfavourable results. It kick started his worst F1 season, a season where he could not register a single win. He was determined to win at Imola. Imola was a fierce track. Its ferocity claimed the dear lives of Roland Ratzenberger and Senna. It was indeed an extremely dark weekend in 1994 and possibly the darkest weekend in F1 History. That day everything went wrong. The steering rack was broken, engine unreliable and faded brakes. That Tamburello corner is surely the most cursed corner of all the corners of all the race tracks in the world. When his car was inspected after the crash, a furled Austrian flag was found, a planned tribute for the fallen Austrian if Senna won the San Marino Grand Prix. More importantly, he won the hearts of his fan for eternity.​



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