McLaren 720S (2017)- A True Showstopper


*All images have been taken from the official McLaren Website.
In automotive thesaurus, McLaren is a synonym for pure British engineering. This has been proved numerous times by the virtue of the legendary F1 and the mind-bending P1. The 720S, a beautiful successor to the 650S, has lived up to the four pillars by which enthusiasts rate McLaren masterpieces; outright power, superb handling, surreal driving experience and brilliant engineering.
It is quite evident that McLaren is not having a good time at F1, but that has not stopped them from creating a road legal gem. The 720S on the spec sheet front at least, trounces the 488 from the likes of Ferrari. It has a twin turbo 4 litre V8, a slightly upgraded unit from the 650S. It features Twin Electrically-Actuated Twin Scroll Turbochargers (McLaren’s own words) resulting in a power bump from 641 to 710 brake horsepower, which is always a good thing. To put it into perspective, the 488 GTB has 661 BHP.
Naught to 60 mph takes 2.9 seconds, a whisker ahead of 488’s 3.0 seconds. Top speed is also 720S’forte, a mighty 212 mph as compared to Ferrari 488’s 205 mph. The McLaren features carbon fibre monocage 2, an improvement from its predecessor. This means added rigidity to the overall structure, improved handling, stability and better road holding.
Torque is a mighty 770 NM or 568 lb/ft. Incredible torque coupled with a 7 speed dual clutch automatic gearbox is a great combination. It still has an open differential with brake steer, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great car.
Its interior is also a special work of art. Almost everywhere you touch is Alcantara and Carbon Fibre. The retractable digital instrument cluster is my personal favourite. Visibility from the inside is also enhanced because of the all-glass housing. Its outer design is especially captivating with its eye socket headlights.
Aerodynamics is an important factor that every car manufacturer must take care of, especially a supercar manufacturer. With its active rear wing acting as an aero brake and wind flow system featuring those lovely eye sockets, the 720S has many tricks up its sleeve when it comes to managing the wind.
With the 720S, McLaren has edged out Ferrari for the moment. The 720S is a real masterpiece in my eyes. To defeat the McLaren, Ferrari would have to come up with something special. Oh, by the way, Ford has rebooted the GT, that looks very promising at first glance. More on that in the next article.



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